LenTree For George Herbert

Day 11: Saturday



Judas, do you betray me with a kiss?

Can you find hell about my lips? and miss

Of life, just at the gates of life and bliss?

                        Was ever grief like mine?


See, they lay hold on me, not with the hands

Of faith, but fury: yet at their commands

I suffer binding, who have loosed their bands

                        Was ever grief like mine?


All my Disciples fly; fear puts a bar

Between my friends and me. They leave the star,

That brought the wise men of the East from far.

                        Was ever grief like mine?


Then from one ruler to another bound

They lead me; urging, that it was not sound

What I taught: Comments would the test confound.

                        Was ever grief like mine?


The Priest and rulers all false witness seek

’Gainst him, who seeks not life, but is the meek

And ready Paschal Lamb of this great week:

                        Was ever grief like mine?


Then they accuse me of great blasphemy,

That I presumed to be the Deity,

Who never thought that any robbery:

                        Was ever grief like mine?


Some said, that I the Temple to the floor

In three days razed, and raiséd as before.

Why, he that built the world can do much more:

                        Was ever grief like mine?


Then they condemn me all with that same breath,

Which I do give them daily, unto death.

Thus Adam my first breathing rendereth:

                        Was ever grief like mine?


They bind, and lead me unto Herod: he

Sends me to Pilate. This makes them agree;

But yet their friendship is my enmity:

                        Was ever grief like mine?


Herod and all his bands do set me light,

Who teach all hands to war, fingers to fight,

And only am the Lord of Hosts and might:

                        Was ever grief like mine?


Herod in judgment sits, while I do stand;

Examines me with a censorious hand:

I him obey, who all things else command:

                        Was ever grief like mine?

1633 Edition Complete   The Sacrifice Study Tenebræ Version   The Sacrifice: a Cantata


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