[Temple, Inner Court]George Herbert: "The Church-porch"

Day 33: Evening


Restore to God his due in tithe and time:

A tithe purloin'd cankers the whole estate.

Sundaies observe: think when the bells do chime,

'Tis angels musick; therefore come not late.

   God then deals blessings: If a king did so,

   Who would not haste, nay give, to see the show?

    Restore to God His due in tithe and time. A stolen tithe infects the whole estate. Sundays observe. Think when the bells chime that it is angels' music; therefore, don't come late. At that time God deals blessings. If a king [queen, movie star, rock star or VIP] did this, who would not hurry, even pay, to see the show?

     Because God has given us everything, we return to God one tenth of our wealth and time. We have already received our blessings of life, family and friends. Some of us thank God for health of mind and body, occupation to contribute to our family, security and society to participate with a larger community. We appreciate and acknowledge these gifts, and we recognize those less fortunate who contribute what they have. We owe Him that much. Not to return the debt steals from God His due and makes a debt against our possessions and our person. If we do not repay the debt that we owe, the obligation damages our whole being.

     Sundays are important, and we should observe them because it is time that we return to God. If we put the service in perspective we would be joyous to run and participate. If we think that the bells that ring before the service are the music of angels, we would never come late. If a king gave blessings at an audience, we would be happy to run and pay admission to see the show. How much more should we attend, be on time, give a donation and be exhilarated where God gives His blessings to us.

© 1997 J. R. Arner

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