[Temple, Outer Wall to Inner Court]George Herbert: "The Church-porch"

Day 30: Morning


Slight not the smallest losse, whether it be

In love or honour: take account of all;

Shine like the sunne in every corner: see

Whether thy stock of credit swell, or fall.

   Who say, I care not, those I give for lost;

   And to instruct them, will not quit the cost.

     Do not ignore the smallest loss, whether it be in love or honor. Take account of all; shine, like a sun, in every corner [of your activities]. See whether your stock of credit swell or fall. Those who say, "I care not." Those I give for lost. And to instruct them I will not quit the cost.

     Self examination takes inventory of all we are as persons. Examine everything, all losses. Remember those events when you have lost the love, respect or regard of another person. Evaluate the cause and determine what can and should be done to restore that relationship. Recall the occasions when your honor declined in value. Consider what can or should be done to rectify the situation. If you were a company on the stock exchange, what is your worth. Do people ask for and value your opinion. Is your credit good or not. Do people trust you without your asking them to trust you? Review often.

     Do not waste your time. The last line "will not quit the cost" can mean either "spare no expense" or "not waste the time" for those who say "I care not." Which is it? I lean toward do not waste your time on those who do not care. In time they may care, they may have reason to care, but for now there is nothing you can do to make them care if they do not want to improve themselves. For some this is a frightening experience. For others as long as they get what they want, they do not care to evaluate themselves and lose what they have. Very few people allow other people to evaluate them. This is not what self evaluation is about.

© 1997 J. R. Arner

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