[Western Wall]George Herbert: "The Church-porch"

Day 10: Evening


The way to make thy sonne rich is to fill

His minde with rest, before his trunk with riches:

For wealth without contentment climbes a hill

To feel those tempests, which fly over ditches.

   But if thy sonne can make ten pounds his measure,

   Then all thou addest may be call'd his treasure.

     The way to make your son rich is to fill his mind with rest, [comfort, security and self worth,] before you fill his chest with gifts and possessions; for wealth without well-being goes out of its way to experience disturbances, which do not effect the satisfied. But if your son can budget £10, then all you add may be his treasure, savings, wealth and prize.

     If your son or daughter starves for family security and self worth, he/she may search out excitement and danger instead. Their feeling of well being rushes from extremes and externals. They seek unusual companions and offensive fads. They may do all these in an effort to get their parents' attention and give their lives value by exhilaration. Their search for rest may end abruptly or last their lifetime.

     "Rest" has nothing to do with leisure and comfort, but has more to do with satisfaction and fulfillment. Inner calm grants the first gift to all children. From this lack of restlessness, a secure place establishes an upright ground for the motivation and motives of the children. Encouragement from the family verifies confidence in all attempts and confirmation in the achievement. Contentment lasts beyond wealth and forms a better foundation for the children's life. Without inner completeness, money and possessions are wasted. But with contentment children, and growing adults, manage the money they have and work to achieve the rest.

See the movie Good Will Hunting.

© 1997 J. R. Arner

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