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The Christian's Great Interest

The Christian's Great Interest

by the late Rev. William Guthrie,

Minister of the Gospel, Fenwick

with a Memoir of the Author



To the Reader

Memoir of the Author

PART I. The Trial of a Saving Interest in Christ

Quest. I.--How shall a man know if he has a true and special interest in Christ, and whether he has, or may lay claim justly to, God's favour and salvation?

Chapter I.--Things premised for the better understanding of the trial itself

I.--A man's interest in Christ may be known

II.--Importance of having an interest in Christ

III.--We must allow our condition to be determined by Scripture

IV.--Causes why so few attain to a distinct knowledge of their state

V.--Some mistakes concerning an interest in Christ removed

Chapter II.--Marks of a Saving Change A preparatory law work

I.--Some called from the womb

II.--Some called in a sovereign gospel-way

III.--Some graciously called at the hour of death

IV.--God's more ordinary way of calling sinners to Himself

V.--Objections and difficulties considered

Chapter III.--Evidences of a Believing State

I.--Mistakes as to what faith is

II.--True saving faith described

III.--Farther explanatory remarks concerning saving faith

IV.--Difficulties as to what seems to be faith removed

Chapter IV.--Evidences of a Renewed State

I.--The whole man must be to some extend renewed

II.--He must be, to some extent, renewed in all his ways

III.--The supposed unattainableness of such evidences considered

IV.--The special attainments of hypocrites considered

V.--Doubts because of prevailing sin considered

VI.--Doubts arising out of a want of Christian experience considered

PART II.--How to Attain a Saving Interest in Christ

Quest. II. What shall they do who want the marks of a true and saving interest in Christ, already spoken of, and neither can nor dare pretend unto them?

Chapter I.--Some Things Premised for the Information of the Ignorant

Chapter II.--The Duty of Closing with God's Plan of Saving Sinners by Christ Jesus

I.--What it is to accept of, and close with, the gospel offer

II.--This the duty of those who would be saved

III.--What is required of those who would believe on Christ Jesus and be saved

IV.--Some of the properties and native consequences of true believing

V.--Some of the effects of saving faith

Chapter III.--Objections and Difficulties Answered and Explained

I.--The sinner's baseness rendering it presumption to come to Christ

II.--The singularity of his sin barring the way

III.--Special aggravations a hindrance

IV.--Sins not named a barrier

V.--The sin against the Holy Ghost alleged

I.--What it is not

II.--What the sin against the Holy Ghost is

III.--Conclusions bearing on the objections

VI.--Objections from the want of power to believe answered

VII.--Objection arising from the complaints of believers as to unfruitfulness

VIII.--Objection from ignorance regarding covenanting with God,--The nature of that duty unfolded

IX.--Doubts as to the inquirer's being savingly in covenant with God answered Certain things premised concerning personal covenanting

I.--The thing itself is warrantable

II.--The preparation needed

III.--How the duty of covenanting is to be performed

IV.--What should follow this solemn act

X.--A want of proper feeling considered as an obstacle in the way of covenanting

XI.--The fear of backsliding a hindrance

XII.--Objection arising from past fruitlessness considered

Conclusion--The whole Treatise resumed in a Few Questions and Answers

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