Note 096
From Chapter 70 of the Decline & Fall

These privileged places, the quartieri or franchises, were adopted from the Roman nobles by the foreign ministers. Julius II. had once abolished the abominandum et detestandum franchitiarum hujusmodi nomen: and after Sixtus V. they again revived. I cannot discern either the justice or magnanimity of Louis XIV., who, in 1687, sent his ambassador, the marquis de Lavardin, to Rome, with an armed force of a thousand officers, guards, and domestics, to maintain this iniquitous claim, and insult Pope Innocent XI. in the heart of his capital (Vita di Sisto V. tom. iii. p. 260- 278, Muratori, Annali d'Italia, tom. xv. p. 494-496, and Voltaire, Siecle de Louis XIV. tom. i. c. 14, p. 58, 59).

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