Note 028
From Chapter 70 of the Decline & Fall

Fortifiocca, l. ii. c. 11. From the account of this shipwreck, we learn some circumstances of the trade and navigation of the age.
1. The ship was built and freighted at Naples for the ports of Marseilles and Avignon.
2. The sailors were of Naples and the Isle of Oenaria less skilful than those of Sicily and Genoa.
3. The navigation from Marseilles was a coasting voyage to the mouth of the Tyber, where they took shelter in a storm; but, instead of finding the current, unfortunately ran on a shoal: the vessel was stranded, the mariners escaped.
4. The cargo, which was pillaged, consisted of the revenue of Provence for the royal treasury, many bags of pepper and cinnamon, and bales of French cloth, to the value of 20,000 florins; a rich prize.

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