Note 084
From Chapter 60 of the Decline & Fall

For the second siege and conquest of Constantinople, see Villehardouin (No. 113 - 132), Baldwin's iid Epistle to Innocent III. (Gesta c. 92, p. 534 - 537,) with the whole reign of Mourzoufle, in Nicetas (p 363 - 375); and borrowed some hints from Dandolo (Chron. Venet. p. 323 - 330) and Gunther (Hist. C. P. c. 14 - 18), who added the decorations of prophecy and vision. The former produces an oracle of the Erythraean sibyl, of a great armament on the Adriatic, under a blind chief, against Byzantium, etc. Curious enough, were the prediction anterior to the fact.

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