Note 069
From Chapter 56 of the Decline & Fall

Muratori (Annali d' Italia, tom. ix. p. 136, 137) observes, that some authors (Petrus Diacon. Chron. Casinen. l. iii. c. 49) compose the Greek army of 170,000 men, but that the hundred may be struck off, and that Malaterra reckons only 70,000; a slight inattention. The passage to which he alludes is in the Chronicle of Lupus Protospata (Script. Ital. tom. v. p. 45). Malaterra (l. iv. c. 27) speaks in high, but indefinite terms of the emperor, cum copiis innumerabilbus: like the Apulian poet (l. iv. p. 272):

More locustarum montes et pianna teguntur.
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