Note 005
From Chapter 53 of the Decline & Fall

On the subject of the Basilics, Fabricius (Bibliot. Graec. tom. xii. p. 425 - 514), and Heineccius (Hist. Juris Romani, p. 396 - 399), and Giannone (Istoria Civile di Napoli, tom. i. p. 450 - 458), as historical civilians, may be usefully consulted. Forty-One books of this Greek code have been published, with a Latin version, by Charles Annibal Frabrottus (Paris, 1647), in seven tomes in folio; four other books have been since discovered, and are inserted in Gerard Meerman's Novus Thesaurus Juris Civ. et Canon. tom. v. Of the whole work, the sixty books, John Leunclavius has printed (Basil, 1575) an eclogue or synopsis. The 113 novels, or new laws, of Leo, may be found in the Corpus Juris Civilis.

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