Note 018
From The Invasion of Persia, part of Chapter 51 of the Decline & Fall

A cycle of 120 years, the end of which an intercalary month of 30 days supplied the use of our Bissextile, and restored the integrity of the solar year. In a great revolution of 1440 years this intercalation was successively removed from the first to the twelfth month; but Hyde and Freret are involved in a profound controversy, whether the twelve, or only eight of these changes were accomplished before the aera of Yezdegerd, which is unanimously fixed to the 16th of June, A.D. 632. How laboriously does the curious spirit of Europe explore the darkest and most distant antiquities! (Hyde de Religione Persarum, c. 14 - 18, p. 181 - 211. Freret in the Mem. de l'Academie des Inscriptions, tom. xvi. p. 233 - 267.)

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