Note 010
From Chapter 51 of the Decline & Fall

For the 7th and 8th century, we have scarcely any original evidence of the Byzantine historians, except the chronicles of Theophanes (Theophanis Confessoris Chronographia, Gr. et Lat. cum notis Jacobi Goar. Paris,1665, in folio) and the Abridgment of Nicephorus, (Nicephori Patriarchae C. P. Breviarium Historicum, Gr. et Lat. Paris,1648, in folio,) who both lived in the beginning of the 9th century, (see Hanckius de Scriptor. Byzant. p. 200 - 246). Their contemporary, Photius, does not seem to be more opulent. After praising the style of Nicephorus, he adds,
Ancient Greek
and only complains of his extreme brevity (Phot. Bibliot. Cod. lxvi. p. 100). Some additions may be gleaned from the more recent histories of Cedrenus and Zonaras of the 12th century.

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