Note 068
From Chapter 49 of the Decline & Fall

Piissimo Constantino magno, per ejus largitatem S. R. Ecclesia elevata et exaltata est, et potestatem in his Hesperiae partibus largiri olignatus est .... Quia ecce novus Constantinus his temporibus, etc. (Codex Carolin. epist. 49, in tom. iii. part ii. p. 195.).

Pagi (Critica, A.D. 324, No. 16) ascribes them to an impostor of the viiith century, who borrowed the name of St. Isidore: his humble title of Peccator was ignorantly, but aptly, turned into Mercator: his merchandise was indeed profitable, and a few sheets of paper were sold for much wealth and power.

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