Note 010
From Chapter 49 of the Decline & Fall

From the silence of James of Sarug (Asseman. Bibliot. Orient. p. 289, 318), and the testimony of Evagrius (Hist. Eccles. l. iv. c. 27), I conclude that this fable was invented between the years 521 and 594, most probably after the siege of Edessa in 540 (Asseman. tom. i. p. 416. Procopius, de Bell. Persic. l. ii.). It is the sword and buckler of, Gregory II. (in Epist. i. ad. Leon. Isaur. Concil. tom. viii. p. 656, 657), of John Damascenus (Opera, tom. i. p. 281, edit. Lequien), and of the second Nicene Council (Actio v. p. 1030.). The most perfect edition may be found in Cedrenus (Compend. p. 175 - 178.).

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