Note 060
From Chapter 30 of the Decline & Fall

This account of Ravenna is drawn from Strabo (1. v. p. 327 [p. 213, ed. Casaub.]), Pliny (iii. 20), Stephen of Byzantium (sub voce Ancient Greek p. 651, edit. Berkel.), Claudian (in vi. Cons. Honor. 494, etc)., Sidonius Apollinaris (1. i. Epist. v. 8.), Jornandes (de Reb. Get. c. 29), Procopius (de Bell. Gothic. l. i. c. i. p. 309, edit. Louvre), and Cluverius (Ital. Antiq. tom. i. p. 301-307). Yet I still want a local antiquarian, and a good topographical map.

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