Note 117
From Chapter 20 of the Decline & Fall

Synesius (de Regno, p. 2 [ed. Par. 1612]) pathetically deplores the fallen and ruined state of Cyrene, Ancient Greek Ptolemais, a new city, 82 miles to the westward of Cyrene, assumed the metropolitan honours of the Pentapolis, or Upper Libya, which were afterwards transferred to So-zusa See Wesseling, Itinerar. p. 67, 68, 732. Cellarius Geograph. tom. ii. part ii. p. 72, 74. Carolus a Sto. Paulo, Geograph. Sacra, p. 273. D'Anville, Geographie Ancienne, tom. iii. p.43,44. Memoires de l'Acad. des Inscriptions, tom. xxxvii. p.363-391 .

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