Note 052
From Chapter 18 of the Decline & Fall

Conjuga sobrinarum diu ignorata, tempore addito percrebuisse. Tacitus The Annals xii. 6, and Lipsius ad loc.

The repeal of the ancient law, and the practice of five hundred years, were insufficient to eradicate the prejudices of the Romans, who still considered the marriages of cousins-german as a species of imperfect incest (Augustine, The City of God, XV.16); and Julian, whose mind was biased by superstition and resentment, stigmatises these unnatural alliances between his own cousins with the opprobrious epithet of Ancient Greek(Orat. vii. p. 228). The jurisprudence of the canons has since revived and enforced this prohibition, without being able to introduce it either into the civil or the common law of Europe. See on the subiect of these marriages, Taylor's Civil Law, p. 331; Brouer, de Jure Connub.1. ii. c. 12; Hericourt, des Loix Ecclesiastiques, part iii. c. 5; Fleury, Institutions du Droit Canonique, tom. i. p. 331, Paris, 1767; and Fra Paolo, Istoria del Concilio Trident. l. viii.

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