Samuel Ewer

Hemstead, Herts

Samuel Ewer attended both the 1689 and 1692 Assemblies. In a funeral sermon delivered 24 December, 1708, John Piggott said of him, "He has distinguish'd himself for several Years as an exemplary Christian, whose Piety towards God, and Affability towards Men, have recommended him to the Esteem and Approbation of all .... He had a prudent and regular Zeal for the Glory of God, and the Salvation of Souls. He ever express'd a just Indignation against Sin, and press'd after the highest degrees of Holiness". He wrote, in defense of believer baptism, a reply to Edward Hitchin's book The Infant's Cause Pleaded, Cleared and Vindicated, probably just before his death. The book was very well received, and regarded by many as a thorough response to Hitchin.