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                        "THE BOOK OF REVELATION"

                              Chapter Four


1) To consider the implication of the vision of God on His throne

2) To note that this vision along with the one in chapter five will set
   the stage for what follows


The visions of Revelation now begin in earnest.  Upon seeing a door
standing open in heaven and hearing a trumpet-like voice promising to
show him of things which must take place, John is transported to the
throne room of God.  He describes what he sees and hears with vivid and
colorful imagery.  The One on the throne radiates like white and red
sparkling stones and is surrounded by an emerald rainbow.  The colors
may reflect the characteristics of God, such as His holiness,
righteousness, justice, and mercy (1-3).

John takes special note of twenty-four elders clothed with white robes
and crowns of gold, sitting on thrones around the throne of God.  
Summers and Hailey suggest that they depict the twelve patriarchs of 
Israel and the twelve apostles, who represent the redeemed of both 
covenants now united in Christ.  Note that in 5:8-9 they do seem to
speak in behalf of the redeemed (4).

From the throne proceed lightnings, thunderings, and voices, which may
illustrate the divine power and judgments coming from God.  Before the
throne are seven lamps of fire, explained as the seven Spirits of God.
This likely symbolizes the Holy Spirit in His work of illumination and
revelation of God's word to man (Summers).  A sea of glass like crystal
is also before the throne, perhaps symbolizing the transcendence of God
that presently separates God and His people (5-6a).

Then there are four living creatures, similar in some respects and yet
different in others, united in their constant praise of God for His
eternal holiness.  Though not exactly like the cherubim seen by Ezekiel
(cf. Ezek 1, 10), they appear to serve similar functions.  Hailey
suggests they may be a special order of heavenly beings, perhaps the
highest and closest to the throne, who serve God's majestic will
(6b-8).  As the four living creatures praise Him who sits on the
throne, the twenty-four elders join in by falling down, casting their
crowns before the throne, and praising God as the Eternal Creator

This scene, along with the one in chapter five, appears designed to set
the stage for what follows.  At the outset, we are shown the first
guarantee of ultimate victory:  God is on His throne! (Summers)  The
praise offered by the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders
reinforce the truth that the One on the throne (and therefore in
ultimate control) is none other than the Lord God Almighty, Eternal and
Holy, the Creator who holds all things together.  He is therefore
worthy of glory, honor and power!  He is the one to revere, not man!



      1. After seeing the Lord and hearing the letters addressed to the
         seven churches
      2. Upon seeing a door standing open in heaven, and hearing a
         trumpet-like voice
         a. Being told "Come up here"
         b. In which he will see "things which must take place after

      1. The One on the throne
         a. Like a jasper (sparkling white)
         b. And a sardius stone (fiery red) in appearance
         c. With an emerald rainbow (various shades of green) around
            the throne
      2. The twenty-four elders
         a. Sitting on twenty-four thrones around the throne
         b. Clothed in white robes
         c. With crowns of gold on their heads
      3. Other elements around the throne
         a. Lightnings, thunderings, and voices proceeding from the
         b. Seven lamps (the Seven Spirits of God) burning before the
         c. A sea of glass, like crystal, before the throne
         d. Four living creatures in the midst and around the throne
      4. The four living creatures
         a. Unique characteristics
            1) The first was like a lion
            2) The second was like a calf
            3) The third had a face like a man
            4) The fourth was like a flying eagle
         b. Similar characteristics
            1) Each had six wings
            2) Full of eyes in front and back, around and within
            3) Do not rest day or night, praising the holiness of the
               Eternal God


      1. Whenever they give glory, honor, and thanks
      2. To Him who sits on the throne, the Eternal One

      1. Who fall down before Him who sits on the throne
      2. Who worship Him who lives forever
      3. Who cast their crowns before the throne
      4. Who proclaim God worthy to receive glory, honor, and power
         a.	For He created all things
         b. And by His will they exist and were created


1) What are the main points of this chapter?
   - The throne scene (1-8)
   - God praised as the Creator (9-11)

2) When the Lord has finished with His letters to the churches, what
   does John see? (1)
   - A door standing open in heaven

3) What does John hear?   What is he told he will see? (1)
   - A voice like a trumpet, saying "Come up here..."
   - Things which must take place after this

4) What is the first thing he notices? (2)
   - A throne set in heaven, and One sitting on the throne

5) How does John describe the appearance of the One on the throne? (3)
   - Like a jasper (sparkling white like a diamond) and a sardius stone
     (fiery red)

6) What is the color of the rainbow around the throne? (3)
   - Like an emerald (various shades of green)

7) What is around the throne? (4)
   - Twenty-four elders with crowns of gold, clothed in white robes,
     siting on thrones

8) What proceeds from the throne? (5)
   - Lightnings, thunderings, voices

9) What stands before the throne? (5)
   - Seven lamps of fire burning (the seven Spirits of God)

10) What lies before the throne? (6)
   - A sea of glass like crystal

11) What is seen in the midst and around the throne?  How are they 
    described? (6-8)
   - Four living creatures
   - One like lion, one like a calf, one with a face like a man, and
     one like a flying eagle
   - They have all have eyes in front and back, around and within, and
     six wings

12) What do they proclaim without rest, day and night? (8)
   - "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to

13) Whenever the four creatures offer glory, honor, and thanks to God,
    what happens? (9-10)
   - The twenty-four elders fall down before God on the throne
   - They worship Him, casting their crowns before the throne

14) Why do the twenty-four elders deem God worthy of glory, honor, and
    power? (11)
   - He created all things, and by His will they exist
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