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2. A roll - Parchments, which anciently were their books. All the words - All the Revelations he had from God for twenty-two years last past. God would have them recorded, that there might be a memorial of them, that so the truth of them might appear, when God should bring them to pass; the time of which now drew near.

6. Upon the fasting day - It was undoubtedly, because of the concourse of people which the prophet knew would that day be in the temple, that he chose that day, when some would be present from all parts of Judah.

10. Then read - Most likely out of some window, or balcony, the people being below, and hearing it.

18. He pronounced - This could not but add to the princes fear, they must needs conceive that without a special influence of God, it had been impossible, that Jeremiah should have called to mind all that he had spoken at several times in so many years.

22. The ninth month - Answered to part of our November and December.

23. He - The king not having patience to hear above three or four columns, or periods, cut it in pieces and burned it in the fire.

25. Elnathan - These princes seemed to have had a greater dread of God upon their hearts than the rest.

26. Hid them - God by his providence kept them both out of their hands; directing them to find such a place of recess as the kings messengers could not find out.

30. None to sit - That is, none that shall be king any considerable time. Jeconiah his son was set up, but kept his throne but three months.

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