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5. Of salt - By a perpetual covenant.

8. Golden calves - There is that among you which may damp your confidence: you worship those images which God abhors.

9. Consecrate - To make himself a priest.

10. The Lord - Hebrew. Jehovah, the only true God. We - Maintain his worship which you have rejected.

11. Pure table - Made of pure gold, Exod. xxv, 23, 24, he saith table and candlestick, though there were ten of each, because ordinarily there was but one of each used at a time for those uses. We keep - Perhaps he flattered himself, that his keeping up the external worship of God would make satisfaction for the errors of his life.

12. Trumpets - Upon the sounding whereof God hath solemnly promised to assist his people, Num. x, 9. The Lord - You have not only us for your enemies, but God, even the God whom your fathers served. It is folly to fight against the God of almighty power: but it is treachery and base ingratitude, to fight against your father's God.

13. Jeroboam - While Abijah was discoursing, Jeroboam takes the advantage of it to lay an ambush. It does not appear that he made any answer to all that Abijah said. The longest sword he thinks will determine the matter, not the better cause.

15. Gave a shout - It is unspeakable comfort, that no stratagem or ambush can cut off our communication with heaven. To the cry of prayer they added the shout of faith, and so became more than conquerors.

20. The Lord struck him - He escaped the sword of Abijah: but God struck him: there is no escaping his sword.

21. Married - Not after this victory, for he died presently after it, but in the whole time of his life.

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