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Methodists Lease an Abbey

Friday, May 12.--Before nine we came to Nenagh. I had no design to preach; but one of the dragoons quartered there, would take no denial; so I ordered a chair to be carried out and went to the market place. Presently such a congregation was gathered round me as I had not seen since I left Athlone. To these I spake, as l was able, the whole counsel of God, and then rode cheerfully on to Limerick.

Between six and seven I preached at Mardyke (an open place without the walls) to about two thousand people; not one of whom I observed either to laugh, or to look about, or to mind anything but the sermon.

Some years since, an old abbey here was; rebuilt with a design to have public service therein. But that design failing, only the shell of it was finished. Of this (lying useless) the society has taken a lease. Here I preached in the morning, Saturday, 13, to six or seven hundred people.

We then went to prayers at the cathedral, an ancient and venerable pile. In the afternoon I walked round the walls of the town, scarcely so large as Newcastle-upon-Tyne. And the fortifications are much in the same repair; very sufficient to keep out the wild Irish.

14.--(Being Whit-Sunday). Our church was more than full in the morning, many being obliged to stand without. I hardly knew how the time went, but continued speaking till near seven o'clock. I went at eleven to the cathedral. I had been informed it was a custom here, for the gentry especially, to laugh and talk all the time of divine service; but I saw nothing of it.  The whole congregation, rich and poor, behaved suitably to the occasion.

In the evening I preached to a numerous congregation on "If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink" [John 7:37]. We afterward met the society. Six or seven prisoners of hope were set at liberty this day.

Monday, 15.--A company of revelers and dancers had in the afternoon taken possession of the place where I used to preach. Some advised me to go to another place; but I knew it needed not. As soon as ever I came in sight, the holiday mob vanished away.

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