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C. M.

God's wonders of creation, provideuce, redemption of Israel, and salvation of his people.


Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord;

His mercies still endure;

And be the King of kings adored;

His truth is ever sure.

What wonders hath his wisdom done!

How mighty is his hand!

Heav'n, earth, and sea, he framed alone;

How wide is his command

The sun supplies the day with light;

How bright his counsels shine!

The moon and stars adorn the night;

His works are all divine.

[He struck the sons of Egypt dead;

How dreadful is his rod!

And thence with joy his people led;

How gracious is our God!

He cleft the swelling sea in two;

His arm is great in might;

And gave the tribes a passage through;

His power and grace unite.

But Pharaoh's army there he drowned;

How glorious are his ways!

And brought his saints through desert ground;

Eternal be his praise!

Great monarchs fell beneath his hand;

Victorious is his sword;

While Isr'el took the promised land;

And faithful is his word.]

He saw the nations dead in sin;

He felt his pity move:

How sad the state the world was in!

How boundless was his love!

He sent to save us from our woe;

His goodness never fails;

From death, and hell, and every foe;

And still his grace prevails.

Give thanks to God the heav'nly King;

His mercies still endure:

Let the whole earth his praises sing;

His truth is ever sure.

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