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C. M.

The triumph of Christ over the enemies of his church. Isa. 63:1-3, etc.

What mighty man, or mighty God,

Comes travelling in state,

Along the Idumean road,

Away from Bozrah's gate?

The glory of his robes proclaim

'Tis some victorious king:

"'Tis I, the Just, th' Almighty One,

That your salvation bring."

"Why, mighty Lord," thy saints inquire,

"Why thine apparel's red?

And all thy vesture stained like those

Who in the wine-press tread?"

"I by myself have trod the press,

And crushed my foes alone;

My wrath has struck the rebels dead,

My fury stamped them down.

"'Tis Edom's blood that dyes my robes

With joyful scarlet stains;

The triumph that my raiment wears

Sprung from their bleeding veins.

"Thus shall the nations be destroyed

That dare insult my saints;

I have an arm t' avenge their wrongs,

An ear for their complaints."

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