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HYMN 148


The names and titles of Christ. From several scriptures.


With cheerful voice I sing

The titles of my Lord,

And borrow all the names

Of honor from his word:

Nature and art can ne'er supply

Sufficient forms of majesty.

In Jesus we behold

His Father's glorious face,

Shining for ever bright,

With mild and lovely rays

Th' eternal God's eternal Son

Inherits and partakes the throne.]

The sovereign King of kings,

The Lord of lords most high,

Writes his own name upon

His garment and his thigh:

His name is called The Word of God;

He rules the earth with iron rod.

Where promises and grace

Can neither melt nor move,

The angry Lamb resents

The injuries of his love;

Awakes his wrath without delay,

As lions roar, and tear the prey.

But when for works of peace

The great Redeemer comes,

What gentle characters,

What titles he assumes!

Light of the world, and Life of men;

Nor will he bear those names in vain.

Immense compassion reigns

In our Immanuel's heart,

When he descends to act

A Mediator's part:

He is a Friend and Brother too;

Divinely kind, divinely true.

At length the Lord the Judge

His awful throne ascends,

And drives the rebels far

From favorites and friends:

Then shall the saints completely prove

The heights and depths of all his love.

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