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(whom Jehovah impels).

  • Son of Shimeah and nephew of David. (B.C. 1033.) He is described as “very subtle.” (2 Samuel 13:3) His age naturally made him the friend of his cousin Amnon, heir to the throne. (2 Samuel 13:3) He gave him the fatal advice for ensnaring his sister Tamar. ch (2 Samuel 13:5,6) Again, when, in a later stage of the same tragedy, Amnon was murdered by Absalom, and the exaggerated report reached David that all the princes were slaughtered, Jonadab was already aware of the real state of the case. (2 Samuel 13:32,33)
  • (Jeremiah 35:6,8,10,14,16,18,19) [Jehonadab]
« Jona Jonadab Jonah »
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