« Elnathan, Or Elnathan Elon Elonbethhanan »


(an oak).

  • A Hittite, whose daughter was one of Esau’s wives. (Genesis 26:34; 36:2) (B.C. 1797.)
  • The second of the three sons attributed to Zebulun, (Genesis 46:14; Numbers 26:26) and the founder of the family of the Elonites. (B.C. 1695.)
  • Elon the Zebulonite, who judged Israel for ten years, and was buried in Aijalon in Zebulun. (Judges 12:11,12) (B.C. 1174-1164).
  • On of the towns in the border of the tribe of Dan. (Joshua 19:43)
« Elnathan, Or Elnathan Elon Elonbethhanan »
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