Table of Contents

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Part I. The Fourth Gospel in Comparison with the First Three Gospels.


Chapter I. The Difference between the First Three Gospels and the Fourth.

Chapter II. Attempts to Reconcile the First Three Gospels with the Fourth.

Chapter III. Decision as to Which is the More Trustworthy: the Story of the First Three Gospels or of the Fourth?

Chapter IV. Fundamental Ideas of the Fourth Gospel and Their Origins.

Part II. Origin and Value of the Gospel, Epistles, and Revelation of John.


Chapter I. Author of the Fourth Gospel and Date at Which It Was Written.

Chapter II. The First Epistle of John.

Chapter III. The Second and Third Epistles of John.

Chapter IV. The “Revelation” of John.

Chapter V. Spirit and Value of the Gospel and Epistles of John.



Biblical Passages Explained.


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