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Epistle II.

To Anastasius, Bishop of Antioch.

Gregory to Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch.

I have received the letters of your most sweet Blessedness, which flowed with tears for words.  For I saw in them a cloud flying aloft as clouds do; but, though it carried with it a darkness of sorrow, I could not easily discover at its commencement whence it came or whither it was going, since by reason of the darkness I speak of I did not fully understand its origin.  Yet it becomes you, most holy ones, ever to recall to mind what the preacher to the Gentiles says; In the last times perilous times shall be at hand, and there shall be men loving themselves, covetous, lifted up (1 Tim. iv. 1); and what follows, which it would be a trouble for me to speak, and which is not necessary for you to hear.  Lo, in your holy old age, your Blessedness labours under many tribulations; but consider in whose seat you sit17281728    Cf. V. 39, note 3..  Is it not in his to whom it was said by the voice of the truth, When thou shalt be old, another shall gird thee and carry thee whether thou wouldest not (Joh. xxi. 18)?  But in saying this I recollect that your Holiness even from your youth has toiled under many adversities.  Say then with the good king, I will think again over all my years in the bitterness of my soul (Isai. xxxviii. 15).  For there are many who, as you say in your letter, make to themselves pastime over our wounds:  but we know who said, Ye shall lament and weep, but the world shall rejoice; and ye shall be sorrowful (Joh. xvi. 20):  where also he forthwith adds, But your sorrow shall 232bbe turned into joy.  But, since we already suffer what was foretold, it remains that we should also hope for what was promised.  For as to these of whom you say that they themselves lay on the burdens which they ought to have lightened, I know that they are those who come in sheep’s clothing, and inwardly are ravening wolves (Matth. vii.).  But they are so much the more to be endured as they persecute us not only with a malicious mind, but also in religious guise.  And in that they desire to have to themselves above others what it were not fit that they should have even with their brethren, we are in no wise disturbed at this, since we trust in Almighty God that those who desire what belongs to others will be the sooner deprived even of what is their own.  For we know who said, That every one that exalteth himself shall be abased (Luke xiv. 11).  And again it is written, Before a fall the heart is exalted (Prov. xvi. 18).

But in these days, as I find, new wars of heretics are arising, about whom I have before now written to your Blessedness, in such sort that they attempt to invalidate the prophets, the Gospels, and all the sayings of the Fathers.  But, while the life of your Holiness endures, we trust in the favour of our Protector that their mouths which have been opened against the solidity of the truth may be the sooner stopped, inasmuch as, however sharp may be the swords that are employed, they recoil broken when they strike the rock.  Moreover there is this by the great favour of Almighty God; that among those who are divided from the doctrine of Holy Church there is no unity, since every kingdom divided against itself shall not stand (Luke xi.).  And holy Church is always more thoroughly equipped in her teaching when assaulted by the questionings of heretics; so that what was said by the Psalmist concerning God against heretics is fulfilled, They are divided from the wrath of his countenance, and his heart hath drawn nigh (Ps. liv. 2217291729    In English Bible, lv. 21 (differently rendered from the Hebrew).).  For while they are divided in their wicked error, God brings His heart near to us, because, being taught by contradictions, we more thoroughly learn to understand Him.

Further, what ills we suffer from the swords of barbarians, and what from the perversity of judges, I shrink from relating to your Blessedness, lest I should increase your groaning, which I ought to diminish by consolation.  But in all these things the precepts of our Master comfort me, who says, These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation (John xvi. 33).  For I consider to whom it was said, This is your hour, and the power of darkness (Luke xxii. 53).  If, then, the hour of light will be afterwards, since it is said to the elect, Ye are the light of the world (Matth. v. 14), and as it is written, The righteous shall have dominion over them in the morning (Ps. xlviii. 15)17301730    In English Bible, xlix. 14., whatever we suffer in the hour of the power of darkness is not to be deplored.

Moreover your most sweet Holiness tells me that you would have wished, if it could have been so, to converse with me without paper and pen, and grieves that a distance almost as far as the East is from the West lies between us.  But this which I feel I declare is true; that on paper your soul speaks to me without paper, since in the words of your Holiness charity alone sounds, and we are not divided by distance of place who, of the gift of Almighty God, are joined together in the bond of love.  Why then seek you to have given you the wings of a dove covered with silver, when you already have them?  For indeed these wings are love of God and of our neighbour.  For by these holy Church flies aloft, and by these transcends all that is earthly; which if your Holiness had not, you would not have come to me by letter with so great charity.

Further, I beg you to pray earnestly in behalf of the weakness of my heart, to the end that Almighty God may through your intercession defend my soul from all evils, and the sooner snatch me away from the hurricanes of this time, which are so many, and bring me to the shores of eternal rest.

I have received all the very rich blessings17311731    See IV. 31, note 9., directed to me, which thou, as a man of God poor in spirit, hast sent me, saying of them, For what can a poor man give but what is poor?  But had you not been poor through a spirit of humility, your blessings would not have been rich.  May Almighty God guard you by His protection from all evils; and, since your life is very necessary for all good men, bring you after many years yet to come to the joys of the heavenly country.

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