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Letter LXXXV.

To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople.

Leo, the bishop, to the bishop Anatolius.

I.  Anatolius with Leo’s delegates is to settle the question of the receiving back of those who had temporarily gone astray after Eutyches.

Although I hope, beloved, you are devoted to every good work, yet that your activity may be rendered the more effective, it was needful and fitting to despatch my brothers Lucentius the bishop and Basil the presbyter, as we416416    Viz., in Letter LXXX., chap, iv.:  see also chap. iii. promised, to ally themselves with you, beloved, that nothing may be done either indecisively or lazily in matters, which concern the welfare of the universal Church; for as long as you are on the spot, to whom we have entrusted the carrying out of our will, all things can be conducted with such moderation that the claims of neither kindness nor justice may be neglected, but without the accepting of persons, the Divine judgment may be considered in everything.  But that this may be properly observed and guarded, the integrity of the catholic Faith must first of all be preserved, and, because in all cases “narrow” and steep “is the way that leadeth unto life417417    S. Matt. vii. 14.,” there must be no deviation from its track, either to the right hand or to the left.  And because the evangelical and Apostolic Faith has to combat all errors, on the one side casting down Nestorius, on the other crushing Eutyches and his accomplices, remember the need of observing this rule, that all those who in that synod418418    Sc. the so-called Latrocinium., which cannot, and does not deserve to have the name of Synod, and in which Dioscorus displayed his bad feeling, and Juvenal419419    See n. 8 to Letter LXXX., chap. iii. his ignorance, grieve as we learn from your account, beloved, that they were 68conquered by fear, and being overcome with terror, were able to be forced to assent to that iniquitous judgment, and who now desire to obtain catholic communion, are to receive the peace of the brethren after due assurance of repentance, on condition that in no doubtful terms they anathematize, execrate and condemn Eutyches and his dogma and his adherents.

II.  The case of the more serious offenders must be reserved for the present.

But concerning those who have sinned more gravely in this matter, and claimed for themselves a higher place in the same unhappy synod, in order to irritate the simple minds of their lowlier brethren by their pernicious arrogance, if they return to their right mind, and ceasing to defend their action, turn themselves to the condemnation of their particular error, if these men give such assurance of penitence as shall seem indisputable, let their case be reserved for the maturer deliberations of the Apostolic See, that when all things have been sifted and weighed, the right conclusion may be arrived at about their real actions.  And in the Church over which the Lord has willed you to rule, let none such as we have already written420420    Viz., in Letter LXXX., chap. iii., where see note. have their names read at the altar until the course of events shows what ought to be determined concerning them.

III.  Anatolius is requested to co-operate loyally with Leo’s delegates.

But concerning the address421421    Commonitorium.  Nothing further seems known of this. presented to us by your clergy, beloved, there is no need to put my sentiments into a letter:  it is sufficient to entrust all to my delegates, whose words shall carefully instruct you on every point.  And so, dearest brother, do you endeavour with these brethren whom we have chosen as suitable agents in so great a matter faithfully and effectually to carry out what is agreeable to the Church of God:  especially as the very nature of the case, and the promise of Divine aid incite you, and our most gracious princes show such holy faith, such religious devotion, that we find in them not only the general sympathy of Christians, but even that of the priesthood.  Who assuredly in accordance with that piety, whereby they boast themselves to be servants of God, will receive all your suggestions for the benefit of the catholic Faith in a worthy spirit, so that by their aid also the peace of Christendom can be restored and wicked error destroyed.  And if on any points more advice is needed, let word be quickly sent to us, that after investigating the nature of the case, we may carefully prescribe the rightful measures.  Dated 9th of June in the consulship of the illustrious Adelfius (451).

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