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Letter XXXV.20182018    Placed before 370.

Without address.

I have written to you about many people as belonging to myself; now I mean to write about more.  The poor can never fail, and I can never say, no.  There is no one more intimately associated with me, nor better able to do me kindnesses wherever he has the ability, than the reverend brother Leontius.  So treat his house as if you had found me, not in that poverty in which now by God’s help I am living, but endowed with wealth and landed property.  There is no doubt that you would not have made me poor, but would have taken care of what I had, or even added to my possessions.  This is the way I ask you to behave in the house of Leontius.  You will get your accustomed reward from me; my prayers to the holy God for the trouble you are taking in shewing yourself a good man and true, and in anticipating the supplication of the needy.

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