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Chapter LXXXIV.

Claudianus,27202720    Claudianus Ecdicius Mamertius died 473–4. presbyter of the church at Vienne, a master speaker, and shrewd in argument, composed three books, On the condition and substance of the soul, in which he discusses how far anything is incorporeal excepting God.

[He wrote also some other things, among which are, A Hymn on Our Lord’s Passion, which begins “Pange lingua gloriosi.” He was moreover brother of Mamertus, bishop of Vienne.]27212721    wroteVienne is said to be in a certain manuscript of the Monastery of “St. Michaelis de Tumba” but is omitted by A T 25 30 31 a e 21 Bamb. Bern. etc etc. and certainly does not belong in text. It is left in brackets above because given in the editions. (See note.)

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