« Remensnyder, Junius Benjamin Remigius of Auxerre Remigius of Lyons »

Remigius of Auxerre

REMIGIUS, re-mij´î-us, OF AUXERRE: Medieval scholar; b. in Burgundy before 850; d. about 908. He entered the Benedictine order at the monastery of St. Germanus at Auxerre, where he studied under the famous Heiricus; was called, about 882, by Archbishop Fulco to Reims to reorganize with Hucbald the two schools located there; and after the archbishop's death (900) taught at Paris the liberal arts and probably theology, counting as one of his scholars Odo of Cluny. Besides his commentary on the work of Marcianus Capella (on book IX., MPL, cxxxi. 931 sqq.) on the seven liberal arts, and his glosses on the works of Donatus and Priscianus (the fruit of his teaching of grammar, dialectic, and music, and widely used in the Middle Ages), were his commentaries on Genesis (MPL, cxxxi. 51 sqq.), Psalms (pp. 133 sqq.), Canticles (cxvii. 295 sqq.), Minor Prophets (pp. 9 sqq.), Epistles of Paul (pp. 361 sqq.), Revelation (pp. 937 sqq.), Matthew, and Mark; homilies on texts from Matthew (twelve in MPL, cxxxi. 865 sqq.); and De celebratione missæ et ejus significatione (ib., ci. 1246 sqq., under the name of Alcuin), a treatise on the mass, following the view of Paschasius Radbertus (q.v.).

(R. Schmid.)


Bibliography: Hist. littéraire de la France, vi. 99 sqq.; A. Ebert, Allgemeine Geschichte der Litteratur des Mittelalters, iii. 234, Leipsic, 1887; Ceillier, Auteurs sacrés, xii. 753–760; NA, 1901, p. 563.

« Remensnyder, Junius Benjamin Remigius of Auxerre Remigius of Lyons »
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