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Reed, Andrew

REED, ANDREW: English philanthropist and Independent; b. at London Nov. 27, 1787; d. there Feb. 25, 1862. He entered Hackney College as a theological student in 1807; was ordained m 1811; was pastor of New Road Chapel, 1811–31, and of Wyclif Chapel, 1831–61. He founded the London Orphan Asylum (1813–15), the Infant Orphan Asylum (1827), Reedham, another orphan asylum (1844), as asylum for idiots (1847), and the Royal Hospital for Incurables (1855); thus .establishing philanthropies at an expense of $636,600. He published No Fiction (2 vols., London, 1819); Narrative of the Visit to the American Churches (2 vols., 1836); and Charges and Sermons (1861). In hymnology he issued A Supplement to Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns (1817), and The Hymn Book: Prepared from Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns (1842). The latter contained twenty-seven hymns by himself, one of which was "Holy Ghost! with light divine"; and nineteen by his wife, Elizabeth Holmes before her marriage, one of which was "Oh, do not let the word depart."

Bibliography: A. and C. Reed. Memoirs of the Life and Philanthropic Labours of Andrew Reed, with Selections from his Journals, 3d ed., London, 1867 (by his sons); S. W. Duffield, English Hymns, p. 218, New York, 1886; Julian, Hymnology, pp. 953–954; DNB, xlvii. 388–389.

« Redpath, Henry Aderey Reed, Andrew Reed, Richard Clark »
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