« Rauschen, Gerhard Rauschenbusch, Augustus Rauschenbusch, Walter »

Rauschenbusch, Augustus

RAUSCHENBUSCH, AUGUSTUS: Baptist; b. at Altona (41 m. n.e. of Cologne) Feb. 13, 1816; d. at Hamburg 1899. He came of a long line of Lutheran pastors and authors; studied at the universities of Berlin and Bonn; was pastor at Altona in succession to his father, 1841–45; emigrated in 1845 to America to serve among his countrymen there; was German secretary and editor for the American Tract Society, 1846–53; in 1850 he became a Baptist, and served German Baptist churches in Missouri, 1853–58; was head of the German department in Rochester Theological Seminary, 1858–90; returned to Germany in 1890 and spent the rest of his life there in literary labors. Among his books may be noted Geschichte der Erzväter (New York, 1859); Die Bedeutung des Fusswaschens Christi (Hamburg, 1861); Die Vorläufer der Reformation (Cleveland, O., 1875); Gehören die Apokryphen in der Bibel hinein (Hamburg, 1895); Die Entstehung der Kindertaufe (1897); Biblische Frauenbilder (1897); Die Entstehung der Kindertaufe im 3. Jahrhundert nach Christum and die Wiedereinführung der biblischen Taufe im 17. Jahrhundert (1898); and Handbüchlein der Homiletik für freikirchliche Prediger und für Stadtmissionäre (Cassel, 1900).

Bibliography: Leben and Wirken von August Rauschenbusch, Cassel and Cleveland, Ohio, 1901 (by himself and his son Walter, q.v.).

« Rauschen, Gerhard Rauschenbusch, Augustus Rauschenbusch, Walter »
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