« Punishments, Hebrew Punshon, William Morley Purcell, Henry »

Punshon, William Morley

PUNSHON, WILLIAM MORLEY: Wesleyan; b. at Doncaster (30 m. s. of York) May 29, 1824; d. at London Apr. 14, 1881. He entered the Methodist society. in 1838; became a local preacher in 1842; studied at the Wesleyan College at Richmond in 1845; occupied various fields until he was ordained in 1849; served at Newcastle-on Tyne, Sheffield, and Leeds 1849–1858; in London, 1858–64; and Bristol, 1864–67; presided over the annual conferences and had great influence upon Methodism in the Dominion of Canada, 1867–73; and returning to London, he was superintendent of Kensington district, 1873–75, and one of the general secretaries of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, 1875–81. He was distinguished for his eloquence, enthusiasm, wisdom, administrative ability, and success in raising money for benevolent purposes. He published Select Lectures and Sermons (London, 1860); Life Thoughts, sermons (1863); Sabbath Chimes, verses (1867); The Prodigal Son (1868); and Sermons, Lectures, and Literary Remains (1881).

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« Punishments, Hebrew Punshon, William Morley Purcell, Henry »
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