« Pressensé Edmond (Dehault) De Pressly, John Taylor Prester John »

Pressly, John Taylor

PRESSLY, JOHN TAYLOR: United Presbyterian; b. in Abbeville District, S. C., Mar. 28, 1795; d. at Allegheny, Pa., Aug. 13, 1870. He was graduated at Transylvania University, Ky., 1812, and studied theology under John Mitchell Mason (q.v.); he was ordained and installed, 1816, pastor of the Cedar Spring congregation, the one in which he had been brought up; and was professor of theology in the theological seminary, and pastor at Allegheny, Pa., after 1832. He took a leading part in organizing the United Presbyterian Church, which in 1858 was formed out of the Associate and Associate Reformed Presbyterian Churches; and the strength of this denomination in Pittsburg and its neighborhood is largely due to him. As preacher, pastor, and professor, be exerted a lasting influence upon his denomination.

Bibliography: F. Piper, Lives of the Leaders of our Church Universal, ed. H. M. MacCracken, pp. 778–783, Philadelphia, 1879.

« Pressensé Edmond (Dehault) De Pressly, John Taylor Prester John »
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