« Pobiedonostev, Konstantin Petrovich Pocock, Edward Podebrad and Kunstatt, George of »

Pocock, Edward

POCOCK (POCOCKE), EDWARD: Orientalist; b. at Oxford Nov. 8, 1604; d. there Sept. 10, 1691. He was educated at Oxford (B.A., 1622; M.A., 1626; B.D., 1636); elected fellow of Corpus Christi College, 1628; became chaplain to the English factory at Aleppo, 1630–36 (during which time he made a collection of Greek and oriental manuscripts and coins on commission of Archbishop Laud); professor of Arabic at Oxford, 1636–40; was in Constantinople to seek for manuscripts, 1637–40; rector of Childrey, Berkshire, 1642–47; professor of Hebrew and canon of Christ Church, 1647–48; lost the canonry and the two lectureships in 1650; though in the same year the lectureships were restored to him, and in 1660 the canonry; and in spite of opposition from Roundheads, and the indifference of Cavaliers, he retained these positions till his death. He was one of the foremost orientalists in his day. His works are numerous and valuable. His Theological Works were published with a Life by the editor, Leonard Twells (2 vols., London, 1740). They embrace Porta Mosis (a Latin translation of Maimonides' six discourses prefatory to his commentary upon the Mishna, 1655), Commentaries on Hosea (1685), Joel (1691), Micah and Malachi (1677), and a Latin treatise upon ancient weights and measures. The commentaries formed part of Fall's projected commentary upon the entire Old Testament. They are heavy and prolix, but learned. Pocock took a prominent part in Walton's Polyglot, furnished the collations of the Arabic Pentateuch, and was consulted by Walton at every step (see Bibles, Polyglot, IV.). He translated Grotius' De veritate Christianæ religionis (1660) and the Church of England Liturgy and Catechism into Arabic (1674). His chief work was his edition of Gregorii Abul Farajii historia dynastiarum, Arabic text with Latin translation (2 vols., Oxford, 1663).

Bibliography: Besides the Life in the Theological Works, ut sup., reprinted in The Lives of Dr. Edward Pocock, . . . Dr. Zachary Pearce, etc., ed. L. Twells, 2 vols., London, 1816, consult: The Remains of John Locke, viz., 1. Memoirs of the Life of Dr. E. Pococke, London, 1714; DNB, xlvi. 7–12.

« Pobiedonostev, Konstantin Petrovich Pocock, Edward Podebrad and Kunstatt, George of »
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