« Plotinus Plumer, William Swain Plummer, Alfred »

Plumer, William Swain

PLUMER, WILLIAM SWAIN: Presbyterian; b. at Greersburg (now Darlington), Beaver Co., Pa., July 26, 1802; d. at Baltimore, Md., Oct. 22, 1880. He was educated at Washington College, Lexington, Va., where he graduated in 1825; and at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1826; and was ordained in 1827.

After working in various fields he was pastor at Petersburg. Va. (1831–34), Richmond (1835–46), Baltimore (1847–54), and at Allegheny, Pa. (1855–1862), where he served at the same time as professor of didactic and pastoral theology in the Western Theological Seminary. He supplied the pulpit of Arch Street Church, Philadelphia (1862–65); 94was pastor at Pottsville, Pa. (1865–66); and professor in the theological seminary at Columbia, S. C. (1867–80). He possessed a singular impressiveness in the pulpit and a gift for teaching. His writings are practical and didactic and of an ultra-Calvinistic cast. He founded The Watchman of the South in 1837 and was sole editor, 1837–45. Some of his works are The Bible True and Infidelity Wicked (New York, 1848); The Saint and the Sinner (Philadelphia, 1851); The Grace of Christ (1853); The Law of God as Contained in the Ten Commandments (1864); Sermons for the People (1871); and Commentaries on Romans (1870), and on Hebrews (1872).

« Plotinus Plumer, William Swain Plummer, Alfred »
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