« Planck, Gottlieb Jakob Planck, Heinrich Ludwig Plath, Karl Heinrich Christian »

Planck, Heinrich Ludwig

PLANCK, plānk, HEINRICH LUDWIG: German Lutheran; son of the preceding; b. at Göttingen July 19, 1785; d. there Sept. 23, 1831. He was educated at the university of his native city (1803–06), where he became lecturer in 1806. Four years later he was appointed associate professor of theology in the same institution, and in 1823 was promoted to a full professorship. He devoted himself particularly to New-Testament exegesis, and long labored on a lexicon of the Greek Testament, which he did not live to complete. Among his writings special mention should be made of the following: Bemerkungen über 1 Timotheus (Göttingen, 1808; in answer to Schleiermacher's attack on the authenticity of the epistle); Entwurf einer neuen synoptischen Zusammenstellung der drei ersten Evangelien nach Grundsätzen der höherer Kritik (1809); De vera natura atque indole orationis Græcæ Novi Testamenti (1810; Eng. transl. by A. S. Paterson, Edinburgh, 1833); and Abriss der philosophischen Religionslehre (Göttingen, 1821).

(Paul Tschackert.)

Bibliography: Consult the literature under the preceding, especially G. C. F. Lücke, Dr. G. J. Planck, pp 153 sqq., Göttingen, 1835; and the Nekrolog for 1831, ii. 303; also J. K. F. Schlegel, Kirchen- and Reformationsgeschichte, vol. iii., Hanover, 1832; G. Uhlhorn, Hannoversche Kirchengeschichte, Stuttgart, 1902; ADB, xxvi. 227; Vigouroux, Dictionnaire, fasc. xxxii., col. 457.

« Planck, Gottlieb Jakob Planck, Heinrich Ludwig Plath, Karl Heinrich Christian »
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