« Pieper, Franz August Otto Pierce, Lovick Pierrius »

Pierce, Lovick

PIERCE, LOVICK: Methodist Episcopal South; b. in Halifax County, N. C., Mar. 24, 1785; d. at Sparta, Ga., Nov. 9, 1879. With very limited education, he entered the ministry in South Carolina in 1804, and served as chaplain in the war of 1812, after which he studied medicine and practised at Greensborough, Ga., until about 1821, when he permanently resumed the ministry. He was abundant in labors; possessed remarkable physical endurance, and was a man of great intellectual force and moral power. He was a strong advocate of the Wesleyan. doctrine of sanctification; and was one of the first to encourage, and did much to advance, the cause of higher education in his church. He was a member of the first delegated general conference of Methodism in 1812; and remained one of its chief representatives in its conferences as well as before the country until his death.

Bibliography: J. M. Buckley, in American Church History Series, vol. v. passim, New York 1895; and the other works cited under Methodists which cover his locality and period.

« Pieper, Franz August Otto Pierce, Lovick Pierrius »
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