GILLESPIE, GEORGE DE NORMANDIE: Protestant Episcopal bishop of Western Michigan; b. at Goshen, N. Y., June 14,1819; d. at Grand Rapids, Mich., Mar. 19, 1909. He was graduated at the General Theological Seminary in 1840, was ordered deacon, 1840, and ordained priest 1843. He was rector of St. Mark's, Leroy, N. Y. (1843-45), St. Paul's, Cincinnati, O. (1845-51), Zion, Palmyra, N. Y. (1851-61), and St. Andrew's, Ann Arbor, Mich. (1861-75). In 1875 he was consecrated bishop of the newly created diocese of Western Michigan. He wrote The Season. of Lent (New York, 1877).

Bibliography: W. 8. Perry, The Episcopate in America, New York, 1895.

GILLESPIE, THOMAS: Founder of the Relief Church in Scotland; b. at Clearburn (2 m. e. of Edinburgh) 1708; d. at Dunfertnline (16 m. n.w. of Edinburgh) Jan. 19, 1774. He studied at the University of Edinburgh, then attended Dod dridge's academy at Northampton, where he was ordained Jan. 22, 1741. On Sept. 4 following he was admitted to the parish of Carnock, near Dun fermline. For refusing to take part. in the settle ment of a minister who was opposed by the people he was deposed by the General Assembly in May, 1752. After preaching to large open-air meetings during the summer be settled in Dunfermline the following winter and formed an independent con gregation there. In 1761 he joined Thomas Boston (the younger), independent minister at Jedburgh, in ordaining a minister over the parish of Colins burgh. On Oct. 22,1761, the thrje congregations of Dunfermline, Jedburgh, and Colinsburgh formed themselves into a presbytery for the relief of Chris tians deprived of their church privileges. The Relief Church thus established united with the Secession Church in 1847, the two forming the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland (see Presbyterians). Gillespie's posthumous Treatise on Temptation was edited by J. Erskine (Edinburgh, 1774).

Bibliography: W. Lindsay, Life of T. Gillespie, ed. J. Harper, Edinburgh, 1849; G. Struthers, Hist. of the Rise . of the Relief Church, Glasgow, 1843; Hew Scott, Foeti ecclesim Scoticanle, iv. 580, London, 1871; DNB, xxi. 365-366.

GILLETT, jil'let, CHARLES RIPLEY: Presby terian; b. in New York City Nov. 29, 1855. He studied at New York University (B.A., 1874; A.M., 1876), Union Theological Seminary (1877-80), and the University of Berlin (1881-83). He was libra rian of Union Theological Seminary, 1883-1908, as well as instructor in theological encyclopedia since 1893 and secretary of the faculty since 1898. He became registrar in 1908, and since 1900 has been temporary curator in the department of Ori ental Antiquities in the Metropolitan Museum, New York City. He was literary editor of the Magazine of Christian Ldterature, 1891-97, and besides com piling the general catalogue of Union Theological Seminary (New York, 1886, 1898) and catalogues of the Egyptian antiquities in the Metropolitan Museum and of the stone sculptures in the Cesnola collection of the same institution (1896), he wrote the third volume of the Descriptive Atlas of the Cypriote Antiquities in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, 1903), and translated A. Harnack's Das M6nehtum, seine Ideale and Geschichte (New York, 1895) and G. E. Krüger's Geschichte der altchristlichen Literafur in den ersten drei Jahrhun derten (1897).


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