GLOAG, PATON JAMES: Scotch Presbyterian; b. at Perth May 17, 1823; d. at Edinburgh Jan. 9, 1906. He studied at Edinburgh (1840-43) and St. Andrews (1843-44), and held pastorates at Dunning, Perthshire (1848-60), Blantyre, Lanarkshire (1860-1870), and Galashiels, Selkirkshire (1870-90). He was Baird lecturer in 1869 and moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1889, while after his retirement from the active ministry in 1890 he was temporary professor of Biblical criticism in the University of Aberdeen 1896-99. He wrote The Assurance of Salvation (Edinburgh, 1853); Justification by Faith (1856); The Primeval World, or, the Relation of Geology to Revelation (1859); The Resurrection (London, 1862); Practical Christianity (Glasgow, 1866); Commentary on Acts (2 vols., Edinburgh, 1870); Introduction to the Pauline Epistles (1876); The Messianic Prophecies (Baird lectures for 1869; 1879); Life of Paul (1881); Commentary on James (1884); Exegetical Studies (1884); Introduction to the Catholic Epistles (1886); Commentary on the Epistles to the Thessalonians (London, 1887); Introduction to the Johannine Writings (1891); Subjects and Mode of Baptism (Paisley, 1891); The Life of St. John (London, 1893); Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels (Edinburgh, 1895); and Evening Thoughts (1900). He likewise translated a number of German commentaries on various books of the New Testament.

Bibliography: E. 8. Gloag, Paton J. Gloag. A Memoir. Edin- burgh, 1908.

GLO√čL, JOHANNES: German exegete; b. at C6rbelitz (near Magdeburg) Apr. 22, 1857; d. at Erlangen June 16, 1891. He was educated at the gymnasium in Magdeburg, studied at Halle and Berlin, was for a time private tutor, then assistant preacher at the cathedral in Berlin. After acting for a short time as court preacher to the Prince of Reuss in Ernstbrunn he became inspector of the Silesian school of beneficiary students at Halle, and in 1884 undertook a journey to Holland for the purpose of study. Subsequently he became a teacher at the University of Halle and in 1888 professor at Erlangen where he taught three years. He was a man of wide education, thorough knowledge of his special branches, unwearied diligence and scientific courage. His' early death hindered the full development of his scientific labors.. He published Hollands kirehliches Leben (Wittenberg, 1885); Der Heilige Geist in der Heilsverkiindigung des Paulus (Halle, 1888); and Die jiingste Kritik des Galaterbriefes auf ihre Bereehtigung geprift (Leipsic, 1890).

W. Caspari.

Bibliography: The address of W. Caspari at the burial was published, Erlangen, 1891.


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