GALITZIN, gee-lit'zin' (GALLITZIN, GOLIZYN), ADELHEID AMALIE, PRINCESS. See Overberg, Bernhard Heinrich.

GALL, SAINT. See Saint Gall, Monastery of.


GALLAGHER, CHARLES WESLEY: Method dist Episcopalian; b. at Boston Feb. 3, 1846. He studied at Wesleyan University (B.A., 1870), and held pastorates at Guilford, Conn. (1870-72), Bridgehampton, Long Island (1872), First Church, Taunton, Mass. (1872-73), East Pearl Street, New Haven, Conn. (1873-76), North Church, Hartford, Conn. (1876), Hazelville, Conn. (1877), Warren Street, Brooklyn (1877-80), St. Paul's, Fall River, Mass. (1880-81), First Church, Taunton, Mass. (1882-83), and Hazardville, Conn. (1884-86), while in 1887-88 he was presiding elder of the New Bedford district. From ) 889 to 1893 he was presi dent of Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis., and president of Maine Wesleyan Seminary and College from 1893 to 1897. He was then associate principal of Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass., from 1897 to 1901, and since the latter year has been president of the Lucy Webb Hayes National Training School for Missionaries and Deaconesses of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington, D. C. He has written (hod Revealed, or Nature's Beat Word (New York, 1899).

GALLANDI, g31"lan"df', ANDREA: Italian Oratorian and scholar; b. at Venice Dec. 7, 1709; d. there Jan. 12, 1779. He achieved fame by his edition of the Bx?bliotheca wterum potrum antiquorunt que scriptorum ecclesiasticorum Grteco-Latina (14 vols., Venice, 1765-81). Despite the fact that he did not include works of the ancient theological au thors which were already extant in separate editions, Gallandi's Bxbliotheca is more complete, so far as minor works and authors are concerned, than any collection previous to that of Migne. He likewise edited a number of treatises De roWustia canonum collectionxbus (1778), which included works by Constant, Petrus de Marca, and the Ballerini brothers.

(A. Hauck.)

Bibliography: : Nouvelle biapraphie ~ale, Ax. 291, Pads, 1858; G. A. Moeehini, Leneratura Venesiana, iii. 138. 4 vols., Venice, 1808-08; H. Hurter, Namencktor litarariw, iii. 98, Innsbruck, 1895.


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