FRELINGHUYSEN, fri'ling-hai"zen, THEODORE: Dutch Reformed educator; b. at Millstone, N. J., Mar. 28, 1787; d. at New Brunswick, N. J., Apr. 12, 1862. After his graduation (1804) from the College of New Jersey (Princeton) he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1808, when he removed to Newark. He was attorney-general of New Jersey 1817-29, United States senator 1829-45, mayor of Newark 1837-38, chancellor of New York University 1839-50, and president of Rutgers College 1850-62. In 1844 he was the Whig candidate for the vice-presidency, on the ticket with Henry Clay. In the senate he won for


himself the title of "Christian statesman." It is said that no other American layman was ever as sociated with so many great religious and char itable enterprises. He was president of the Ameri can Bible Society 1846-62, of the American Tract Society 1842-48, and for sixteen years president of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. He was vice-president of the American Sunday-school Union 1826-61, and for many years was vice-president of the American Colonization Society.

Bibliography: T. W. Chambers, Memoir of Theodore Fre linphuysen, New York, 1883.

FREMANTLE, WILLIAM HENRY: Dean of Ripon; b. at Swanbourne (17 m. n.e. of Oxford), Bucking hamshire, Dec. 12, 1831. He studied at Balliol Col lege, Oxford (B.A., 1853), and was ordered deacon in 1855 and ordained priest in 1856. He was fel low of All Souls, Oxford, 1854-63 and fellow of Balliol and tutor 1883-94. He was curate of Middle Claydon, 1855-57, vicar of Lewknor, Ox fordshire, 1857-65, rector of St. Mary's, Bryan ston Square, London, 1865--83, and canon of Can terbury 1882-95. Since 1895 he has been dean of Ripon. He was chaplain to Bishop and Archbishop Tait 1861-82, select preacher to the University of Oxford in 1879-80, Bampton Lecturer in 1883. and William Belden Noble Lecturer at Harvard Uni versity in 1900. He has written The Influence of Commerce on Christianity (London, 1854); Lay Power in Parishes (1869); The Ecclesiastical Judg ments of the Privy Council (in collaboration with G. C. Brodriek; 1865); Reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ (1870); The Gospel of the Secu lar Life (university sermons; 1882); The World as the Subject of Redemption (Bampton Lectures; 1885); Eighty-Eights: Sermons on Armada arid Revolution (1888); The Present Work of the An glican Communion (1888); and Christian Ordi nances and Social Progress (Noble lectures for 1900; Boston, 1901). He also translated the works of St. Jerome and Rufinus in the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (in collaboration with G. Lewis and W. G. Martley; Edinburgh, 1893), and edited Church Re form (London, 1888) and the Sermons of B. Jowett (3 vols., 1895-1901).


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