FICKER, PAUL JOHANNES: German Protestant; b. at Leipsic-Neureudnitz Nov.12,1861. He studied at Leipsic (1880-84; Ph.D., 1886) and the theological seminary of St. Paul's there (188486), and after travels in Italy and Spain became privatdocent for church history at Halls in 1890. In 1892 he was appointed associate professor of the same subject at Strasburg and full profeqsor in 1900. He has edited the Archaeologische Studien zum christlichen Altertum and Mittelalter (1897-99) and Studien ├╝ber christliche Denkmdkr (since 1902), and has written Die narstellung der Apostel in der allchristlichen Kunst (Leipsic, 1887); Die altchristlichen Bildwerke im christlichen Museum des Lateram (1889); Die Konfutation des Augsburgischen Bekenntnisses (1891); Handschriftenproben des sechwhnten Jahrhunderts nach Strassburger Originalen (2 vols., Strasburg, 1902-05; in collaboration with O. Winckelmann); and Evangelischer Kirchenbau (Leipsic, 1905).

FIDANZA, GIOVANNI DI. See Bonaventura.

FIDDES, fid'dez, RICHARD: English clergyman and author; b. at Hunmanby (34 m. e.n.e. of York), Yorkshire, 1671; d. at Putney (7 m. w.s.w. of St. Paul's, London) 1725. He studied at Oxford, first at Corpus Christi College (1687-90), then at University College (B.A.,.1691; B.D., 1713; D.D., 1718), took holy orders in 1694, and in 1696 received the rectory of Halsham, in Holderness. On account of a bad throat he got leave of non-resi dence, and in 1712 settled in London as a man of letters. His principal works are, A Body of Divinity (2 vols., London, 1718-20); Fifty-two practical Discourses (1820); A General Treatise of Morality (1724), in which he attacks Mandeville; and A Life of Cardinal Wolsey (1724), for which, on account of his disparagement of the Reformation, he was accused of popery, particularly by the assail ants of Atterbury.

Bibliography: The one early life is by Thomas Birch in A New and General Biographical Dictionary, London.


1781-87 (inaccurate). Corrections of this must be made by reference to the prefaces and dedications of his works (cf. DNB, xviii. 397-398).


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