FOSTER, FRANK HUGH: Congregationalist; b. at Springfield, Mass., June 18, 1851. He studied at Harvard (B.A., 1873), Andover Theological Seminary (graduated in 1877), and the University of Leipsic (Ph.D., 1882). He was assistant professor of mathematics in the United States Naval Academy 1873-74, and pastor of the Congregational church in North Reading, Mass., 1877-79. After his return from Germany he was professor of philosophy in Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt., 1882-84, professor of church history in Oberlin Theological Seminary 1884-92, and professor of systematic theology in Pacific Theological Seminary, Berkeley, Cal., 1892-1902, as well as pastor of the Second Congregational Church, Oakland, Cal., 1896-97, and acting professor of systematic theology in the San Francisco Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) 1901-02; pastor of the college and village church at Olivet, Mich., 1904-07; and since 1907 professor of history in Olivet College. He was moderator of the General Association of Congregational Churches in Northern California in 1895, and Stone Lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1900. In theology his article on the New Testament miracles (AJT, 1908) shows him to have passed from the Evangelical to the purely non-supernatural or rationalistic standpoint. He was for several years editor of the Bibliothew Sacra, and has written Seminary Method of Study in the Historical Sciences (New York, 1888); Fundamental Ideas of the Roman Catholic Church (Philadelphia, 1899); Christian Life and Theology: The Contribution of Christian Experience to the System of Evangelical Doctrine (New York, 1900); The Teaching of Jesus concerning his own Mission (1903); and A Genetic History of the New England Theology (Chicago. 1907); and has translated Hugo Grotius' Defence of the Satisfaction of Christ (Andover, 1889).

FOSTER, GEORGE BURMAN: Baptist; b. at Alderson, W. Va., Apr. 2, 1858. He was graduated at the University of West Virginia in 1883, Rochester Theological Seminary in 1887, and studied in Göttingen and Berlin 1891-92. After being pastor of the First Baptist Church, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1887-91, he was appointed profes-


sor of philosophy at McMaster University, Toronto, and, in 1895, professor of systematic theology in the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. In 1905 he was transferred to the professorship of the philosophy of religion. He is the author of The Finality of the Christian, Religion (Chicago, 1906).


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