FELLER, fel'er or (French) f6"tar', FRANÇOIS XAVIER DE: Belgian Jesuit; b. at Brussels Aug. 18, 1735; d. at Regensburg, Bavaria, May 23, 1802. He entered the order of Jesuits in 1754 and later held professorships at Luxemburg, Liége, and Tyrnau, Hungary, whither he had gone on the expulsion of the Jesuits from France. In 1771 he returned to Belgium, residing in Liége and Luxemburg. In 1794 he removed to Paderborn, and in 1796 to Regensburg. His works, including the Journal de Luxembourg (70 vols., 1774-94) of which the wrote the greater part, number some, 120 volumes. The works by which he is best known appeared under the name Flexier de Rt:val, probably an anagram. They are, CaMchisme philosophique (Liége,1773); Dictionnaire historique et litteraire (8 vols., 1781; frequently reprinted, with additions, under the title, Biographic universelle (new ed., 8 vols., Lyons, 1860); and Coup d'wil sur le congas d'Ems (2 vols., Düsseldorf, 1789).

Bibliography: Notice our to vie et tee oxvrapea de Mr. t'AbbE de Fetter, Liége, 1802; KL, iv. 1322-23; C. A. Balder, Lexicon . . . baierischer SchriftsteUer, 4 vols., Augsburg, 1824-25.

FELLTHAM, OWEN: English author; b. at Mutford, Suffolk, c. 1602; d. at Great Billing (3 m. e.n.e. of Northampton), Northamptonshire, 1668. He was probably chaplain to the family of the Earl of Thomond, at Great Billing, and is known chiefly by his Resolves, Divine, Moral, Political (London, 1620?), a collection of 100 short essays. This work, subsequently greatly augmented, passed through numerous editions.

Bibliography: An extended notice will be found in DNB. xviii. 30.3-304.

FELTEN, PETER JOSEPH: German Roman Catholic; b. at Difren (18 m. e. of Aachen) Feb. 9, 1851. He studied in Bonn, Münster, Würzburg (D.D.,1876), and Louvain. He was ordained priest in 1874, was professor of St. Cuthbert's College, Durham, England, 1877--86, curate at Suchteln, 1886-88, associate professor of New-Testament exegesis at the University of Bonn 1888-92, full professor since 1892. He has written Papst Gregor der Neunte (Freiburg, 1886); Robert Grosaeteste, Bischof van Lincoln (1887); Apostelgeschichte ubersetzt and erkldrt (1892); and Die Grandung and Ttitigkeit des Vereins vom Heiligen Karl Barromwua (Bonn, 1895).


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