FELIX AND REGULA: Martyrs, known as the patron saints of Zurich. According to the legend, they came to the neighborhood of Zurich on the advice of St. Maurice, and were persecuted by the emperor Maximian; after suffering frightful tortures, but encouraged to endure by a voice from the clouds, they were beheaded, and then carried their heads in their hands to the place where their bodies were to lie. This legend probably does not antedate the oldest manuscript in which it is given, of the early years of the ninth century, during which a foundation of canons grew up in connection with the church dedicated to the martyrs.

(Emil Egli.)

Bibliography: The anonymous Paesio is in ASS, Sept.. iii. 783-774. Consult: Furrer, in Theologische ZeiGehritt der Schweiz, vi. 1889: O. Beer, Die ZUrcher-flesispen St. Fenix and Regina, Zurich, 1889. The legend is ed. by A. Liitolf, Die alauberiebotei der Schweiz oor 3t. Gallus, Lucerne, 1871; cf. Wattenbach, DGQ, i (1893). 272.

FELIX OF URGEL. See Adoptionism.

FELL, JOHN: Dean of Christ Church and bishop of Oxford; b. at Longworth (9 m. w.a.w. of Oxford), Berkshire, June 23, 1625; d. at Oxford July 10, 1686. He was educated at Christ Church (M.A., 1643), and was an enthusiastic Royalist, being ejected from his studentship in 1648, the year after his ordination. At the Restoration he was made canon of Christ Church, in place of the ejected Ralph Button. He became dean four months later (Nov. 30, 1660), and also chaplain to the king. As dean of Christ Church, Fell was active in restoring the ritual banished by the Puritans and in rebuilding portions of his college. He was vice-chancellor of Oxford in 1666-69, and in 1675 was consecrated bishop of Oxford. Despite his multifarious duties, Fell was a prolific author and editor. Special mention may be made of his Interest of England Stated (London, 1659); Grantmotica ratiortis, slue inatitutiones logicta (Oxford,


1673); and The Vanity of Scoffing (London, 1674). His chief editions are those of Aratus and Eratosthenes (Oxford, 1672) and Cyprian (1682).

Bibliography: A. b Wood. Athena Oxoniensee, ed. P. Bees, iv. 193, London, 1820; Burnet's History o1 My Own Time, Supplement. edited by Miss H. C. Foxcroft, pp. 47, 214, 464, 509 note, Oxford, 1902; DNB, xviii. 293-295.


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