EYLERT, RUHLEMANN FRIEDRICH: Evangelical bishop of Prussia; b. at Hamm (20 m. s.e. of Münster) Apr. 5, 1770; d. at Potsdam Feb. 8, 1852. After completing his theological education at Halle in 1794, he became pastor in his native town, and in 1806 was appointed preacher to the court and garrison at Potsdam. Eleven years later he became bishop of Prussia and a member of the council of state as well as of the ministry for religion and education. Far more important than 'his official activity, however, was the influence which he exercised on Frederick William III. The development of Eylert was from rationalism toward orthodoxy, although he never reached a sure dogmatic position. He was deeply interested in the agenda and in the movement for union, and remained in active service until his resignation in 1844. Eylert was a prolific writer, his chief works being as follows: Betrachtungen caber die trostvollen Wahrheiten des Christentums bei der letzten Trennung von den Unsrigen (Dortmund, 1803); Homilien über die Parabeln Jesu (Halle, 1806); Predigten 4'sber Bediirfnisse unsers Herzens and Verhdltnisse unsers Lebens (1813); Ueber den Wert und die Wirkung der für die evangelische Kirche beatimmten Liturgie and Agende (Potsdam, 1830); Das gate Werk der Union. (1846); and, above all, Charakterziige and historische Fragmente aus dem Leben Friedrich Wilhelm 111. (3 vols., Magdeburg, 1843-1846; Eng. transl. Characteristic Traits and Domestic Life of Frederick William III., King of Prus sia, by J. Birch, London, 1844). He also collaborated with J. H. B. Daseke in publishing the Magazin von Fest-, Gelegenheits- and anderen Predigten (4 vols., Magdeburg, 1816-20).

(August Tholuck.)

Bibliography: Neuer Nekrolog der Deutschen, Weimar, 1852; ADS, vi. 458.


I. The Prophet.
II. The Book.
Divisions and Contents (§ 1).
Literary Peculiarities (§ 2).
Symbolic Actions (§ 3).
Other Characteristics (§ 4).
Theological Character (§ 5).
Relation to the Priest Code (§ 6).


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